MailValt FAQ

  • Cannot access admin panel after subscription You need to use the admin email and admin password you entered during subscription. In case it didn’t work you can request to reset your password by sending an email to the group:

  • How to add users to my domain?

    • Login to the admin panel.
    • Go to “Account Manager”.
    • Click on the “New Account” button.
  • How to reset an email account password? You can do that by clicking on the email account on “Account manager” page, then enter a new password.

  • How to increase a mailbox storage quota? From the “Account manager” page, click on the mailbox then “Edit account”. Set the required storage for the account then “Save”.

  • How is storage divided for each mailbox? When subscribed, you get 5GB multiplied by the number of mailboxes. You can then set it accordingly or set higher storage for some mailboxes while lower it on others.