Bluvalt brief intro and value proposition

Launched in 2017, Bluvalt is a Saudi based cloud services marketplace that strives to encourage and boost the SME ecosystem in the country. The marketplace which is built locally by utilizing Saudi based developers and software engineers, offers two key cloud services namely Cloud Applications (SaaS and PaaS) and Virtual Data Center solutions (IaaS).

Under its cloud applications, Bluvalt offers various cloud-based business application solutions which are locally hosted within the country. Solutions within the business applications range from various modules of ERP solutions such as accounting, order management, and material management as well as other business applications like HR & payroll, productivity applications, and unified communication and collaboration solutions.

Within its PaaS offerings, it leverages its pool of local software developers to offer custom-developed business applications that cater to the requirement of SME markets. In order to offer an advanced yet cost effective cloud solutions for the SMEs, Bluvalt runs a comprehensive technology partner ecosystem program where it collaborates with various cloud service providers, cloud integration providers as well as cloud technology providers.

With its self-service feature, Bluvalt makes the registration and subscription process very simple and user friendly where users can easily purchase the required cloud services just like any regular online shop and get the services initiated. This enables easy and accessible on-boarding for its customers to accelerate their cloud adoption and gives a kick-start to their innovation journey.

Usage based payment model also helps them avoid huge upfront costs. One of the main advantages of Bluvalt is its adherence to various standards, compliances and regulations which address the challenges and concerns around information security and data sovereignty for the customers in the Saudi Arabia. Headquartered in Saudi Arabia, Bluvalt has Tier 4 data centers and other certifications across multiple cities within the country and its cloud services are governed by Saudi laws and regulations which effectively protects customer’s data and addresses their regulations and compliance specific concerns.

The company follows the government’s Vision 2030 by promoting the local content, empowering Saudi based IT talents to help in job creation and bolstering the SME segment which would result in an increased contribution to the country’s GDP in the longer run. Bluvalt continues to invest in developing the digital workforce and required ICT skillsets and improving its evolving IT infrastructure in order to accelerate the adoption of cloud and support the ongoing wave of digital transformation momentum in Saudi Arabia where cloud is seen as a foundation.