Desktop as a Service

Have you been thinking about providing a virtualized desktop for your teams that work remotely? In this article we are going to take a look at Desktop as a Service solution. First of all, let’s have a look at the desktop computer definition, it is a personal computer designed for everyday use at a single location on a near desk or table due to it sizes and power requirements, before we start talking about DaaS let me explain cloud computing to have a better understanding of the DaaS.

What is Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services over the internet, these resources include tools and applications like data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.

Example: managing files on a local storage device, cloud computing makes it possible to save them over the internet.

What is DaaS?

DaaS stands for desktop as a service, and it is a cloud computing solution in which virtual desktop infrastructure is outsourced to a third-party provider, that delivers seamless desktop experience to any device anywhere from one control panel to enable customers with highperformance applications.

DaaS Vs VDI:

The foundation of DaaS is named VDI that stands for virtual desktop infrastructure, in VDI the desktop operating system is managed within virtualized environment that is hosted by central server or a server farm. The VDI solution is located on premise, and usually is handled by the IT division of the company. The IT division is responsible for the installation of the virtual desktop and for the procurement, management and maintenance of the infrastructure. Where in the DaaS model the provider usually manages the storage, protecting and recovery of user data, as well as updates to the DaaS software and the applications are supported.

Benefits of using DaaS:

  • Digital workspace experience: securely access digital workspace content on any device at anytime, anywhere.
  • Reduce Costs: Pay for only what you use through monthly or yearly subscription models.
  • Flexible: All the employees have access from everywhere to their apps, desktops and records, making them active, no matter where they work.
  • Security: since data is processed in a datacenter for DaaS, the security risks are substantially lower.
  • Scalability: if the business requirements shift, DaaS subscriptions can be increased or reduced, enabling you to manage predictable monthly per-user costs.
  • Reduced downtime for the IT support: DaaS solution let companies provide their workers with remote IT support, that leads to reducing the down time.


Users expect to access their desktop from anywhere on any device, and by using DaaS, you get all the advantages that VDI provides while avoiding all the obstacles that the cloud provider manages, often, you don’t have to worry about the hardware, applications, SLA, and network performance as the service provider already manages these aspects. With DaaS you don’t need any large-scale investment in infrastructure or ongoing maintenance. Alternatively, you pay only for the needed software and use it on a subscription basis.