Access Linux Machines from Windows

Bluvalt Linux Servers are accessible only through Keypair. This document will help you to understand, how to access a linux machine from Microsoft Windows clients using a Keypair.


  • You have subscribed to Bluvalt Cloud. If not, Get a subscription from here
  • You have setup your vDC. If you dont know how to, these Videos will help.
  • Create a Keypair and save to your Computer

Download Putty & Puttygen

  • Download the Files from Here. You can download Portable Execution file.

Create PPK file from PEM

  • Open puttygen
  • Under Type of key to generate, choose RSA. If you’re using an older version of PuTTYgen, choose SSH-2 RSA.
  • Choose Load. By default, PuTTYgen displays only files with the extension .ppk. To locate your .pem file, select the option to display files of all types.
  • Choose Save private key to save the key in the format that PuTTY can use. PuTTYgen displays a warning about saving the key without a passphrase. Choose Yes.
A passphrase on a private key is an extra layer of protection, so even if your private key is discovered, it cannot be used without the passphrase. The downside to using a passphrase is that it makes automation harder because human intervention is needed to log on to an instance, or copy files to an instance.
  • Specify the same name for the key that you used for the key pair (for example, my-key-pair). PuTTY automatically adds the .ppk file extension.

  • Your private key is now in the correct format for use with PuTTY. You can now connect to your instance using PuTTY’s SSH client.

Access the VM using Putty

  • Open Putty
  • Write the Floating IP of the virtual server in to Hostname Field
  • Click on the + sign on the Left pane associated to SSH Choose the converted PPK file
  • If this is the first time you have connected to this instance, PuTTY displays a security alert dialog box that asks whether you trust the host you are connecting to.
  • (Optional) Verify that the fingerprint in the security alert dialog box matches the fingerprint that you previously obtained in step 1. If these fingerprints don’t match, someone might be attempting a “man-in-the-middle” attack. If they match, continue to the next step.
  • Choose Yes. A window opens and asks for the user name. For default username, refer this Link.
  • Once you enter the user name you can see the console.
If you specified a passphrase when you converted your private key to PuTTY's format, you must provide that passphrase when you log in to the instance.