Attach Fixed IP address to VM

Some workload application requires Fixed IP address such as: Fireall, LB , DNS, AD ..etc

To attach Fixed ip to your VM, follow the following Steps from Openstack command line interface:

(1) nova list (It will list all your virtual machines).
(2) nova stop <virtual-machine-id> (It will stop your virtual machine).
(3) nova interface-list <virtual-machine-id> (It will list all your interface).
(4) nova interface-detach <virtual-machine-id> <port-id>. Port ID can be retrieved from the 3rd step.
(5) nova interface-attach <virtual-machine-id> --fixed-ip <your-ip> --net-id <network-id-of-this-subnet>.

Note: we recommend to shut off your VM before run this command.

The following technical video will help to install openstack client. Video Link