Boot Windows instance from ISO

List the attached volumes to Windows instance

nova volume-attachments < Windows-instance-ID >

The OS disk should be attached as /dev/vda

Since it is not recommended to do any operation on the original volume we clone it to a new volume and do all our work on the cloned volume

openstack volume create --source < vda volume ID >  < new-volume-name >

List all ISO images

openstack image list --long|grep iso

List all flavors

openstack flavor list

List all networks

openstack network list

Boot Windows from ISO

nova boot  --flavor < Flavor name >   --nic net-id=< network-ID >   --block-device  source=image,id=< ISO-Image-ID >,dest=volume,bus=ide,size=7,type=cdrom,bootindex=0,shutdown=remove    --block-device  source=volume,id=< Cloned-Volume-ID >,dest=volume,bus=ide,bootindex=1   < VM name >

Once you finish you can delete the created instance in the previous step and use cloud dashboard to launch a new instance from the cloned volume which has the fix applied.